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We provide advisory services to help you operate your organization in a better way.  Focus is to improve efficiency of operations through cost reduction and management, effective sales and marketing, timely information flow structures and having developed human resources for optimal benefits.

  • Cost control and management

  • Helping you restructure your portfolio increasing profitability and return on your investments.

  • Reviewing sales and marketing processes assisting to ensure they are optimized.

  • Develop the information flows through effective budgeting & reporting processes and structures.

  • Review of organization structure to make sure you have a lean and effective organization.

  • Appropriate developental training workshops for your staff so that they are properly equiped with the tools for maximum effectiveness.

Organizational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Ensure your processes and structure are optimized for maximizing profitability.  Includes Organizational structure review and optimization, costs reduction and management, sales and marketing mix and promotion review along with strategies for furthering effectiveness.

Planning & Control

We assist in developing your budgeting and planning process along with the reporting methods and controls to ensure you have clear and timely information for decision making.  Objective is to have smooth information flows which can help you steer your organization to success.

Leadership Development

Provide assessment of your teams through tools such as 360 Feedbacks.  Assist in developing job descriptions clarifying roles and responsibilities.  Assess training and development needs for your organization and teams.  Develop skills and competencies through a wide range of training workshops.

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Level 41, Emirates Tower

Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, U.A.E. 






U.A.E.                 + 971 4 319 9137

  Mob                 + 971 56 222 5545

Malaysia            + 60 3 92121521

U.K.                    + 44 203 514 8595

United States   + 1  470 226 3369

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