Science is organized knowledge.  Wisdom is organized life


                                                                            Immanuel Kant

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Communicate Clearly & Confidently

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Support staff plays a key role in the success of an organization.  Staff which one may think is managing basis things are actually managing the key elements of business for senior managers.  The support staff in terms of secretaries and assistants assist in managing the time, files, plans, schedules of senior staff and hence must have key skills.  This training focuses on the key skills for the success and smooth functioning of administrative staff and secretaries.

We will be covering communication including body language, business and professional communication, verbal and non-verbal communication.  Essential communication skills will assist in setting the tone for business on behalf of the managers.

A key factor is ensuring the assistants are well organized and hence techniques will be taught to ensure the staff masters these techniques so that anything can be found in minutes and nothing is misplaced.  Finding the right information in a timely manner is a key skill which will be taught.

Finally, time management will be the most essential skill.  With the multitasking role of assistants in todays’ day, it’s the ability to manage time in an organized way to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.  Hence the outcome expected will be highly professional and efficient secretaries who will be appreciated by their management in being a pillar of support for success.


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